hanging basket

It’s that time of year again to partner with Country Farm & Home for your next fundraising event! We are excited to offer 12” premium annual hanging baskets and 11″ fern hanging baskets for your fundraising program. Our 12″ flowering annual baskets come in a beautiful line of different colors, textures and styles. Everybody loves hanging baskets and they make a perfect spring time accent or a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day! We have two different programs available. The first is for those who would like to pick up the hanging baskets or have them delivered. The second is for local groups that would like their supporters to stop by CFH in Mifflinburg and pick out their hanging basket using a beautifully made voucher. Each program is outlined in detail below.

The Pick-Up/Delivery Option


If you believe that the majority of your customers would prefer the convenience of having their hanging baskets delivered to them, this is a great option for you! You promote the program to your group and then presell the baskets and consolidate their orders into one master order. We deliver the bulk basket order to one location at a date and time that you designate or you can pick up at CFH. There is a delivery fee to your location. Then you sort and deliver your specific orders.


Decide on a delivery location, date and time right away.

Set a price for your group to resell the baskets. As a guideline, most groups resell the 11” baskets for $25 each and the 12” baskets for $35 each. Have your group members collect money at the time they make the sale.

CFH will need a final consolidated order at least 2 weeks prior to your delivery date or pick-up.

Payment should be made at the time of pick-up/delivery unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time.

The Voucher Program


If the majority of the people your group will be selling to live close to Country Farm & Home, this is a great option for you! You can either pick up the number of vouchers that your group wants to sell ahead of time and give each child/parent a set number to sell or presell the vouchers and then pick up the vouchers and redistribute them to your group to hand back to their customers. The person who bought the voucher then brings it to CFH during specified dates to redeem for their hanging basket.


Some groups like the ease of handing out the voucher at the time the sale is made, but if any vouchers are lost or stolen, they are the same as cash and must be paid for. For this reason, many groups prefer to presell the basket vouchers and then deliver them once the money has been turned in and the orders are final. If you want to pick up vouchers ahead of time, they must be paid for at the time of pick up.

Hanging basket vouchers can be redeemed at Country Farm & Home during the specified dates for your group, as listed on your group’s vouchers. Just bring the voucher in and choose from any basket in the size that you purchased on the floor.

Customers like this option because they can pick their color scheme and choose sun or shade. Fundraising groups like this option because they don’t have to worry about delivering the hanging baskets.


All invoices need to be paid in full at the time the vouchers are picked up.