Country Farm & Home is your wild bird feeding headquarters.

We feature quality birdfeeders from Droll Yankee, Audubon, Duncraft, Perky Pet, Woodstream and others. Plus we can give you expert advice on the right location, style of feeder, and type of feed to make your bird feeding experience nothing but the best.

We have bird houses for all birds, hummingbirds, bluebirds, wrens and more. You can also find bat and butterfly houses, bird baths and bird bath heaters featured in this department along with squirrel feeders and squirrel proof feeders. Look for our custom made and hand painted bird houses made by PA artists.

Ask about our Bird Seed Rewards Clubs! We have an Aspen Song Bird Seed Club and our Backyard Buffet Bird Club featuring our own birdseed mixes.

Keep Them Healthy and Coming Back By:

  • Providing a fresh supply of water.
  • Placing feeders where you can easily see them, protected by sheltering trees and shrubs.
  • Cleaning your feeders and birdbaths regularly with a mild cleaning solution.
  • Feeding suet, fruits, & mealworms in addition to birdseed to attract species of birds not found at traditional offerings.
  • Raking up and removing seed hulls from under feeders

Black Oil Sunflower Birdhouse Blend and Birdie Bonanza

“Pennsylvania-Made” Blends for Pennsylvania’s Birds made in our sister store the Mifflinburg Farmer’s Exchange!

Premium Blend

With twelve different ingredients, Premium Blend will attract the widest variety of colorful birds to your yard.

Do the birds in your yard have to wait their turn to get to the feeder?

Adding more feeding stations reduces this competition. Providing mixes designed for specific birds in appropriate feeders will increase the number and species of birds for you to enjoy. Enjoy feeding your feathered friends year round with our wide variety of seeds, feeds and nuts…nyger, safflower, sunflower chips, black oil sunflower, striped sunflower, peanut pieces, whole peanuts, cracked corn, shelled corn, suets, nectars, dried meal worms and more.